The food on our fine dining menu is artfully crafted by our passionate kitchen staff. We utilize the freshest and locally-sourced ingredients to give you a true taste of the Sonoma Coast. Pair your meal with one of our Sonoma County wines on our extensive wine list for a truly palate-pleasing experience.

Our Quality Ingredients Produce Superior Flavors

Get a True Taste of the Sonoma Coast
Lamb chops served with smashed potatoes at our Jenner restaurant

From the Pastures

Our meats and poultry are raised naturally without antibiotics and hormones.

Seared ahi salad garnished with crisps and avocado served at our Sonoma County restaurant

From the Sea

Our seafood selections are selected for sustainable qualities to our environment.

Tofu salad with bell peppers and micro green garnish

From the Earth

Our produce is the freshest possible, acquired from local growers when available.